AquaGlo Hydradermabrasion System

Hydra Dermabrasion Machine

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Experience the AquaGlo Facial  A new kind of gentle facial rejuvenation using an all-liquid, natural, non-invasive, relaxing and painless skincare procedure with outstanding results. An AquaGlo Facial intensively exfoliates and deeply cleanses to remove impurities. Using the unique spiral tip, combined with optional diamond tip for extra exfoliation, it infuses an antioxidant-rich serum to promote elasticity and hydration. It leaves skin beautifully smooth and refreshed. Totally gentle, it delivers instant results with no discomfort or downtime.

The AquaGlo Facial can be offered as a stand-alone treatment or can be incorporated into any facial. It deep cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates and oxygenates, all in one 20-30 minute session.

Add optional diamond tips for extra exfoliation:

dimensions & product details

Dimensions & Specifications
W: 21cm D: 48cm (including tank) x H: 45cm (including bottles)
Ergonomic Handpiece
H:23.4 cm W: 2cm
Includes large spiral, small spiral & protective cleaning tips.
Operation Mode
Vacuum pressure
670mm Hg.
Vacuum Suction Pressure Adjustment
Low to High.  Anti over-flow system.
Single phase/ AC220V
60 Hz.
Electricity Consumption
13 kg
Noise level
Quiet. Less than 60dB.
Twelve (12) month warranty.
Solution Included
4 x S1 Cleanse & Exfoliate Solution 500mL, 2 x AquaGlo S3 Vital Calming Solution
Shipping Details
15.0 kg
48.0 × 25.0 × 45.0 cm
Cubic Meters

Benefits of an AquaGlo Facial for your clients

The AquaGlo Facial is highly effective for skin tone improvement, wrinkle reduction, unwanted pigmentation removal and overall rejuvenation. It is also very useful with blackheads, excess oil and other impurities as it removes them quickly and painlessly.

Moisturises dehydrated skin
Gives dull skin a radiant glow
Exfoliates build up of dead skin cells
Softens and smooths rough, flaky skin
Deep cleanses congested skin
Reduces blackheads and breakouts