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A Sage Green Mediterranean Oasis: Tyco. Creative

A Sage Green Mediterranean Oasis: Tyco. Creative

Introducing Tyco. Creative: A Sage Green Mediterranean Oasis in Brisbane



With its distinct sage green colour scheme and Mediterranean-inspired ambiance, Tyco. Creative stands out as a premier destination for those seeking a unique and relaxing salon experience in Brisbane.



At the heart of Brisbane’s Paddington area, Tyco. Creative emerges as a luxurious hair salon, distinguished by its unique Sage Green Mediterranean-inspired design. This serene getaway is more than just a salon; it’s a tranquil retreat crafted by founders Terry and Ying. Their vision has brought to life an environment resonating with calmness and sophistication, where the sage green palette plays a central role in creating a soothing atmosphere.



Embracing Earthy Elegance with a Sage Green Palette

Tyco. Creative is a testament to the elegant interplay of natural elements and sophisticated design. The salon’s ambiance is defined by its earthy tones and textures, with a special emphasis on the soothing qualities of sage green. This colour not only contributes to the serene and inviting space but also complements the salon’s curved architectural features, enhancing the overall feeling of calm and relaxation.



Salon Furniture and Decor: A Symphony in Sage Green

The commitment of Tyco. Creative to style and comfort is evident in their choice of salon furniture. Featuring Comfortel’s Hazel wash lounges and Meadow styling chairs in sage green, these pieces are client favourites not only for their comfort but for their role in enhancing the salon’s elegant aesthetic. The sage green furniture, paired with the soft curves of the Verona Arch salon mirrors, underscores the salon’s unique Mediterranean theme.



Creating Your Own Sage Green Salon Design Retreat

1. Sage Green Colour Palette: Embrace sage green as your primary colour to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the tranquillity of natural elements.

2. Incorporate Curved Architectural Features: Use soft, rounded design elements to evoke a sense of calm and fluidity, complementing the sage green theme.

3. Choose Furniture that Marries Comfort with Style: Look for pieces like Comfortel’s Hazel wash lounges and Meadow styling chairs in sage green to add both aesthetic appeal and relaxation to your space.

4. Integrate Practical Yet Stylish Mirrors: Opt for functional mirrors like the Verona Arch, which offer convenience and elegance, aligning with the sage green salon design.

5. Prioritise Natural Lighting: Ensure your space is well-lit with natural light, enhancing the sage green hues and earthy tones.

6. Collaborate with Design Experts: Work with professional architects and interior designers to create a cohesive sage green salon design that is both beautiful and functional.



Get the look with Comfortel Salon Furniture

Verona Grande Blanco White Terrazzo Salon Mirror


Salon Details and Credits:

Salon: Tyco. Creative
Location: 9 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, QLD 4064
Founders:  Terry and Ying
Interior Architecture and Design: Ellivo Architects
Salon Furniture: Comfortel Furniture
Build / Fitout: Echo projects co
Photography: Blackardt Contact: (07) 31803311, info@tycocreative.com.au Website: www.tycocreative.com.au
Social Media: Instagram @tyco.creative, Facebook Tyco. Creative