Villa III Salon Mirror with White Pole Joiner Frame

Bolt to the floor or upgrade to free standing option

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Elevate your salon’s interior and maximise more workspace with a Double Salon Mirror. Designed by Comfortel, the Villa III Salon Mirror with White Salon Pole Frame creates a double-sided, free-standing mirror, perfect for adding workstations when wall space is limited or centralising workstations without new walls. It can be bolted to the floor or have a base added to make it free-standing.

Ideal for modern spaces, the White Salon Pole Frame combined with the Villa III Salon Mirror enhances your salon’s functionality and style. The Double Salon Mirror is a smart solution for optimising your salon’s layout and creating more central workstations.

Available Options:
Add a Base Plate as an extra option, if you prefer not to bolt to the floor.
Add Footrests to complete the look

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dimensions & product details

Dimensions & Specifications
Mirror Height
Mirror Width
Individual Mirror Depth
Base Plate Option Width
Shipping Details
47.5 kg
245.0 × 21.0 × 20.0 cm
8170.02.W+8170.01.W x 2
Cubic Meters

Double Salon Mirror features

  • Double-Sided Beauty: The joiner frame creates a double-sided mirror, offering convenience and versatility for your salon services.
  • Modern Aesthetic: The Villa III Salon Mirror is a stunning focal point with its white metal frame against the White Pole Frame.
  • Free-Standing Beauty: Say goodbye to the constraints of wall-mounted mirrors. This mirror and frame combination allows you to customise the layout of your salon, creating the ideal environment for your clients.
  • Easy Installation: The pole joiner frame is designed for easy installation with installation guides taking you through step by step on assembly.
  • Optional Base Plate: Add our Base Plate that allows for our Comet Footrests to be installed.

Refer to our User Guide for all compatible Comfortel Mirror Options & Installation Guide.


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