CleanSpa Pedicure Spa with White Base

CleanSpa with Autofill Function that Improves Hygiene

style: 6825W

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Are you offering clients the healthiest pedicure treatment? With MagnaCleanse Technology, the ‘true’ pipeless magnetic jet combined with disposable CleanSpa Liners, Comfortel CleanSpa pedicure chairs provide the most hygienic pedicure treatment available.
Disposable CleanSpa Liners. Think Clean
Show your clients that you care. The new standard of disposable CleanSpa Liners revolutionises hygiene as a visible reminder of cleanliness that your clients will appreciate. Gone is the long disinfection process in-between clients, the liners are designed for single use, acting as a barrier between the tub and the water. They are easy to dispose of, and for our eco-conscious customers: they are recyclable.
MagnaCleanse Technology. The ‘true’ pipeless jet
With hygiene in mind, we have re-thought the way ‘pipeless’ works. Comfortel’s CleanSpa pedicure range uses a magnetic jet that sits inside the disposable liner and creates a whirlpool jet. It does not touch the tub and is not connected to external pipes, meaning water does not leave the bowl, unless drained. Hygiene is improved, and cross contamination between clients is a thing of the past.

Choose Option 1 (mandatory):

CleanSpa Pedicure Chair – Black

CleanSpa Pedicure Chair – Acorn

CleanSpa Chair Elegance – White Linen


· Wellness Chromotherapy LED Basin with white colour LED
· Whisper quiet MagnaCleanse magnetic jet
· Intelligent auto-fill
· Shiatsu multi-function massage
· Electric seat adjustment
· In-built drain pump
· Acetone Proof
· Adjustable leg support & manicure table
· Removable neck pillow

Bonus Inclusions
· 200 CleanSpa Liners
· Pedicure Stool
· 2 Year Warranty


Total Width: 122cm

Base Width: 67cm

Base Length: 123cm

Weight: 91kg

Base: Acetone Proof Gloss White
Chair: Acetone Proof Upholstery

Electrical: 1 x 10A GPO

1/2 Male Hot & Cold Inlets.
Wels Rating 4 Star Mixer tap and shower head.
32/40mm waste pipe.
MagnaCleanse Magnetic Whirlpool Jet.
In-Built Extraction/Gravity Pump


DOWNLOAD  CleanSpa Pedicure Chairs – Comfortel Owners Manual

  • Pedicure chair to base installation required.
  • Detailed instructions come with the Pedicure Spa. If you have purchased this pedicure chair from Comfortel please contact us for any installation questions.


Foot bath: The pedicure spa tub/foot bath must be cleaned between every client.
· Drain water from the tub by piecing the bag above the drain. Once water is drained dispose of the Clean Spa Liner.
· We recommend cleaning with Spa Giene or Pedi Giene. These are approved spa cleaners and hospital grade disinfectants. They will remove oily product residues, break down biological wastes (skin cells, oils etc) and disinfect the foot bath to stop cross-contamination and the spread of infections.
· Spray the inside of the Spa with diluted (1:4 dilution) Spa Giene. Eg.100mLs of spa cleaner to 300mL water Or 250mL spa cleaner to 750mL water.
· Use the hand held shower and a cloth or sponge to rinse any residue out of the tub.
· Wipe the inside of the foot bath clean with a non-abrasive cloth (eg Chux cloth or sponge) and dry all surfaces thoroughly.
· The chair, foot-rest and surrounding surfaces may be wiped clean with a soft cloth and mild non-abrasive surface cleaning agent.
· Add a fresh disposable Clean Spa Liner for the next client.

Magnetic Jet Cap: must be cleaned between every client.
· Remove the magnetic jet cap from the bowl
· Unscrew the top cap and scrub clean each part of the magnetic jet cap.
· Soak the magnetic jet cap in diluted Spa Giene or Pedi Giene for 3-5 minutes
· Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft lint free cloth
· Clip the magnetic jet cap inside a fresh liner ready to use.

· All upholstery needs some care; good housekeeping will help to prolong the life of any upholstered products.
· Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme cold can make your vinyl prone to cracking, while extreme heat can cause permanent stretching.
· Avoid exposing your products to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Cleaning Instructions:
· Clean regularly (weekly) to remove body oils which cause hardening.
· To clean use a sponge which has been moistened in warm soapy water.
· After cleaning with a sponge, dry with a soft, clean cloth.
· Stubborn grime may require gentle scrubbing with a soft brush.

Do not use:
· furniture polishes
· bleach
· detergent
· abrasive cleaners
· steel wool

A periodic inspection of all components and fasteners should be made to ensure that your pedicure spa is structurally intact and functioning properly. Damaged and broken parts should be replaced and loose fasteners tightened.

All maintenance to be carried out by a suitably qualified tradesperson.

Delivery Information


Provided all items are in stock, delivery lead times are as follows:

– Auckland areas   12-14 business days.

– North Island between  14 and 20 business days.

– South Island  between 16 and 20 business days.

For special requirements, please contact our customer service team on 09 271 4610 or email us at and state your web order number.